Actor and comedian Ali Asgar played a significant role in The Kapil Sharma Show before the controversial episode involving Kapil and Sunil Grover.

In the Kapil-hosted programme, the actor used to portray Nani. Although many people assumed Ali left the show due of the incident, he has now officially stated his reason for leaving TKSS.

The actual reason Ali Asgar decided to leave The Kapil Sharma Show was exposed in a recent interview. And it's unrelated to the altercation between Sunil and Kapil during the trip.

"My character, Nani, wasn't developing, therefore I wasn't creatively content. Even before I travelled to Australia, I had informed the crew about it (2017).

 In contrast to Nani's persona, I had a lot of duties as Dadi. I expressed my concerns with the crew when it came time to extend my contract 

I and informed them that I wasn't particularly interested in staying on the show."