On Boycotting Bollywood, Akshay Kumar On social media, there are daily boycotts of any movie or singer. Additionally, a campaign to boycott the entire Bollywood 

Akshay Kumar finally spoke out about this in the Rakshabandhan movie. He talked about the harm that this boycott movement had done to the film industry during this time.

Raksha Bandhan, a newly released movie starring Akshay Kumar, too faced intense backlash on Twitter. Alam's complaint is that after three days of release, Akki's movie has failed to make an impression

Making a movie requires a lot of time and money. This boycott effort hurts them all greatly in such a circumstance. In addition to the decline of the film industry,

It also has a significant impact on the nation's economy. To the nation's economy, it does great harm. We may be hurting ourselves as well through this.

Akshay Kumar has also spoken about the popularity South movies. The movie is successful because of its strong performance, not because of North and South.